About Santa Rosa Zen Group

SRZG was founded by Ezra Bayda in 1995 as an offshoot of his practice at Zen Center San Diego. He visits Santa Rosa from time to time. In a ceremony on July 23rd, 2016 Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton acknowledged Diane Moore as a teacher, and as the new leader of the Santa Rosa Zen Group.

The group is primarily a Zen meditation group, with weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings, weekday sittings from 5:45-6:15am, and sittings on Sundays from 9am to noon. Longer sittings are scheduled throughout the year. Diane Moore gives dharma talks and offers Daisan at Sunday Sittings and longer Practice Intensives. In addition, she meets with students at her home in Kenwood by appointment. 

This group is not Buddhist, although much of the teaching is consistent with Buddhism. The focus of the practice is on growing compassion for self and others.

Those wishing to attend can contact the group at zeninfo@santarosazengroup.org for more information. Those deciding to practice in the group commit to coming regularly to scheduled sittings, as well as to maintaining a regular meditation practice.

Meditation instruction will be given to all new members.