The Teacher

Diane Moore, Teacher 

Diane Moore has been practicing meditation with Ezra Bayda since 1995 and is one of the original members of the Santa Rosa Zen Group. She was authorized as the group's teacher by Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton in 2016.

Diane was drawn to meditation practice after many years of working with hospice and end-of-life care, where she discovered the deep satisfaction of open-hearted connection to dying patients and their families. Her teaching reflects a commitment to expanding awareness and compassion for self and others. Students are encouraged to diligently and tenderly explore their mental, physical and environmental experiences and recognize what gets in the way of the open heart.

Practice techniques include a simple Zen breath-awareness meditation practice, as well as tools for bringing forward self-awareness in every day life circumstances. In addition, Diane offers daisan (practice guidance) interviews to students at Sunday sittings, day-long practice intensives, sesshins (retreats), or by appointment at her Kenwood residence.

Diane's teachings are rooted in the books listed below: